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It’s a natural human behavior that seeing the same thing for a long period makes us bored with it. Be it watching a movie repeatedly or wearing the same dress at every place, we all get bored after sometime. The same thing happens with the look. Changing your look can be quite tricky but even the slightest change can create so much newness. Experimenting with your look helps you to discover the things which go on you & the new you!

There are some few things to adapt & you can rediscover yourself by having a mini makeover. There is no need for any dress designer or makeup man, just go through the ideas which I’m sharing with you, that will help you out.

  1. Hair game

Although it sounds so simple, changing your hair game gives your face an entirely new different look. For some people, the middle partition looks good while for some other, side partition looks attractive. Never follow the trend around you for hair styling. Go for those which make your face looks flattering. 

If you have long hair, for a change, chop it to have a short one. That will add a huge difference with a pinch of style sense. For those with a short one, you can easily tie up or can make a stylish bun. 

Well, I feel that girls with short hair cut can open up their hair all the time comfortably & with ease (quite stylish, right?)

2.Line differently

The way eyeliner is applied can enhance the shape of the eyes. For some, winged eyeliner may look stylish or for some others, kajal on the waterline may change the eyes look. Some can also apply the eyeliner only on the upper lid. You can also watch the eye makeup tutorials for getting new ideas. Overall, coming out of your comfort zone definitely will help you the way you look at yourself & will make you feel better.

3. Smells good!

I know, it is hard to believe that perfume can contribute to makeover, but the answer is yes! It’s not about how you want people to feel, it is about a good perfume that makes you feel better from within. Change the perfume periodically & try new fragrances that suits you better. A fruity or floral smell can be a contributor to your good day.

4. Wardrobe’s stuff

Go for those outfits which you haven’t tried it till now. Try to buy some new dresses (I’ll again mention, don’t follow the trend) & wear them & have a look whether they are going on you or not. Buy the dresses in different pieces so that you can make new combinations with it.

 Choose the ones that make you feel quite confident & comfortable. Other than dresses, you can go for some new kind of footwear or the stylish handbags also.

Changing the patterns of the dresses you wear after some time also makes you feel good about yourself.

5. Pierce it out

Sounds weird? But yes, piercing gives you a flattering look. You can choose different areas to pierce according to your choice. It may be a nose piercing, multiple piercing in ears, or the eyebrows. Of all, for a slight makeover look & decent appearance, nose piercing enhances your face a lot.

It is painful but is worth it. Piercing in-ears at multiple places also gives you a stylish look. After piercing, go for small diamond shape nose stud to wear for it. Piercing requires aftercare for sometimes, which includes mainly the hygiene & cleaning with sterile saline water. Try the new studs to wear which makes you feel trendy & stylish. Go for its girls, trust me, that is the best chance you can ever have!

6. Weight reduction

We all have experienced this thing – “it is never too late to realize anything, right?” It is not that the outfits look good only on the perfect body type. The way you carry it & the type of outfit selection plays an important role in this. But trying is not a bad thing. Hit the gym, burn those extra fats, go for some yoga, the result may not be immediate, but after some time you will feel the change in the shape of your body. All you need is dedication.  

Try to make it a habit or discipline to work out regularly, get the best shape of your body & kill it guys! The dresses will look super cool on you & I think this is the most important part of your makeover. 

And for the ones who want to gain some weight, visit the dietician, eat healthily & get some curves. Well, that will look beautiful on you.

Every body shape is beautiful, every girl is beautiful but again trying & working hard for anything you desire is not the bad thing, right?

Get out of your comfort zone, leave the things you do it regularly & have some change in yourself. That will turn the heads when you go out. Always remember, appearance does matter & makes a lasting impression on everyone you meet. So make this effort, try new things & you will never regret coming out of your comfort zone.

 If you got more ideas popping out in your mind, do share it in the comment section to grow others. 

Ayushi Goswamihttp://blogparadise.net/
Dr. Ayushi Goswami is a dental professional with a passion for writing creative blogs. She always had an interest in writing, but due to a hectic dental study schedule, she delayed her passion & after completing her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S), she started writing blogs. Her motto is to reach out to people & help them out by sharing her life experiences.

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