Tips To Get Rid Of Overthinking


Life is not a smooth road to travel. It offers you so many breakers in the form of hurdles, where you have to cross it slowly with a calm mind. But there are situations, which comes in everyone’s lives, that is unavoidable.

 Overthinking is normal behavior, but consistent overthinking is not at all normal. Overthinking happens only when “What if” or “Why” comes continuously in your mind. When something is continuously making you bother about it, maximum times it happens that we overthink. Research says, if a person is asked not to think continuously on a particular topic that is bothering, he won’t be able to keep it out of his mind. Unnecessary thinking about the future or the past leads to overthinking. It is kind of similar to the infinity sign, from where you start your thinking process, you will end in the same position, result- no positive sign.

Overthinking has the one main negative point is that once you start thinking about a particular thing, that will lead to the addition of more inter-related things which forms a chain of negative thinking. This causes a decline in mental health conditions & causes emotional distress.

Yes, it is difficult to avoid any serious situation, but with consistent practice, it is possible to maintain your mental health. Try to practice the following, that will help you out in future-

  1. A good start

Starting your day with a single good thought works out well. Make it a habit or practice it that whenever you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do is- be grateful to God, that you are blessed to see a new day of your life.

 The second thing you should go for is, think of the most positive aspect of your life. Thinking of any positive thing in the morning helps you to make your day less stressful. These two things help you so much to start your day with new energy, a new spirit full of positivity. Starting your day with these thing fills your aura with much-needed positivity. Trust me!

2. Be aware of your thoughts

When you develop the habit of thinking negatively (unconsciously), your mind begins to get tricky with you. It tricks in the way, that whenever you are not doing anything or your mind is not busy in something more productive, it starts putting forward negative thoughts in front of you. Now you start thinking again about “what if” or I would have”. But believe me, those are all tricks. Don’t believe in your mind in that situation. It’s the game of your mind where you easily get entrap. 

Instead, recognize those thoughts, that they are not saying positive things to you. If the things that are entrapping you, and those which are bothering you are not under your control, what is the point of overthinking it? 

Try to avoid those thoughts by saying to yourself that it’s not worth it. It’s just my mind trick, I’ll think positive & will make my mind engaged over something more productive.

3. Have a broad perspective

Ask to yourself-

 Will this make any sense to me after 5 years?   

Will it be helpful for me after 5 years?

Is it relevant to waste my time thinking about it right now, which won’t make any sense in the future?

It’s natural, that whenever there is any stressful or unavoidable situation that comes into your life, it is very much difficult to avoid it. But, if you realize that it isn’t going to make any sense after a few years, that will help you to prioritize the things on which you should concentrate.

There are so many things in everyday lives, that a person can stress about, but the main difference between a happy & mentally healthy person & depressed one is overthinking. So, whenever any negative thought comes in your mind & you start overthinking about it, always think 1 thing- that overstressing about it will solve my problem, even it isn’t under my control? 

Worrying about the future or unnecessarily bothering about it will make your mental health undergo decline. That will block your positive thoughts, creative ideas, etc. in turn, you won’t be able to focus on your life. 

Make sure, whatever is bothering you, if the outcome is zero, don’t worry about it. Be strong enough to overcome negative thoughts & prioritize your things.


4. Go with the flow

Nobody in this world, have a life like a smooth road. Just by seeing their Instagram pictures, you can’t predict their life, from which phase they are going. Certain times, there comes situations where you get stress from every aspect of your life like from personal, professional, etc. in that situations, we feel helpless & we start thinking negative like what will be going to happen, will everything be alright, etc. don’t worry, it is quite natural.

When you feel that you can’t control the situations or problems around you, leave it. GO WITH THE FLOW. It is quite simple. Just answer yourself. If you aren’t able to control the situation around you, by taking the stress on your head, will the problem get easily resolved?

Well, you got the answer. Do practice this. When things are not in your control, go with the flow. 

5.Focus on Happiness

Whenever you notice you are overthinking about something, distract yourself to happiness. Focus on the positive & bright sides of your life. Think about the positive aspects which you have & others don’t. Engage yourself to things which you love to do like painting, singing dancing, writing, etc. by distracting your mind into the work you love to, creates happiness by secreting happy hormones in your brain.

6. Stop expecting perfection

Nobody is perfect in this world. Well, it’s not the saying, it is the reality. Don’t expect from yourself that in your life, everything will be perfect or everything should happen at the perfect timing. Accept & love yourself the way you are. Over expecting from yourself leads to depression. It happens because if you are not capable of doing a particular thing & you are forcing yourself to do that, that will make you upset. Accept your flaws, accept yourself & love yourself. 

Accept you are imperfect & you have the qualities that others don’t have. Be proud of that.

Overthinking & negative thoughts go hand in hand. Always believe your intuition, never stress about the things which aren’t under your control. Practice these things & make your life a better place to live. Have a happy life! 


Ayushi Goswami
Dr. Ayushi Goswami is a dental professional with a passion for writing creative blogs. She always had an interest in writing, but due to a hectic dental study schedule, she delayed her passion & after completing her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S), she started writing blogs. Her motto is to reach out to people & help them out by sharing her life experiences.

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