The Must – Have Things Of Your WARDROBE


Ladies, we all have come across the situation, where even though we have n numbers of clothes in our wardrobe but still we feel – “I HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO WEAR TODAY”.



 We always end up buying things somewhat according to the trend around us. But there are some basic outfits, which never goes out of style and make your style game on point. Some clothes, despite your body type, go on you, irrespective of the color or fabric. It is not at all essential that if you want to look good, you must have more bugs in your pocket! No! The right pairing, the perfect color, and the comfort, etc. makes your look complete and perfect. This you can get by having these must-haves.


So, here is the list below which you must have in your wardrobe-






A plain white t-shirt always work ladies, believe me! This color reflects it’s soothing and peaceful nature which you can wear in all seasons whether in summer or winter. You can pair it up with light denim jeans for the casual look or can wear a blazer over it for the formal look. Just be ensure about the fabric of it as it is very important to wear those clothes only within which you are comfortable. This white tee you can also pair up with the small denim skirt.


This is such a simple yet stylish look you can easily afford.

 2. A High- Rise Denim Jeans  


  A pair of denim jeans are the must-have outfits in our wardrobe. Denim easily solves your problems when you are confused about what to wear. You can make it paired with it any kind of tops, tees, tunics, etc. The plus point of a high- rise denim jean is that if you have a slight or more than slight tummy, just because of its design of high waist, it pushes the tummy quite inwards and give you a perfect body shape if you wear it with a t-shirt or a kurta. You can also pair it with the crop tops or boxy tops also.

Overall, it makes the curve of your waist more attractive and beautiful, and that’s what we all want, right ladies?





 Be it denim made or trouser pattern, the parallel pants are the most preferred ones for office wear. The loose pattern of it makes it the most comfortable lower wear. It can be paired with a t-shirt but the best way to dress it up is to wear these parallel pants with formal shirts. That gives you the best and smartest look you can ever get.

For those girls who are short in height, these parallel pants create an illusion of a fatty look. But don’t worry girls, the best solution is to choose the darker shades of pants. Darker shades create an illusion of slimming. So, to short heightened girls, don’t bother ever that you can’t wear some dresses just because of your height. Every body type is beautiful & you can style and wear everything you want to.





A perfect fit blazer can give you the best both formal as well as a casual look.  Dark-colored blazer with light color underneath t-shirt gives you the best look.

 You can also wear denim, a charlotte shirt with the blazer above. I swear this makes a deadly combination of a casual look.

For the best formal look, you put the blazer above, wear it with parallel pants, and a t-shirt within it.

You can wear it as a jacket above your sleeveless tops, t-shirts, dresses, etc.

If you want to hide your extra fat on your waist, then blazer is the best option. Since it hides your side fat, that gives the illusion of a symmetrical body. So, girls put this up in the front rack of your wardrobe and make a style statement.




 Black is the color with which every other color goes. Whether you are wearing it as a top or as a pant, every other color goes with it. But black pants should be there in your wardrobe, as you can pick up any kind of top with it for casual wear. Choosing the black color pant to be it cigarette pants or parallels or slim fit, that will never make you regret.

For girls who want to gain the illusion of the slimmer effect, go for it! Even if you don’t have black pants in your wardrobe, you can choose darker colors like navy blue or dark chocolate colored pants. But the effect black contributes to your outfit and the body appearance is just incomparable and outstanding.



 Even if we always go ahead for western wear & have wardrobes full of these western wears, our hearts are DESI in origin. So, we have a special soft corner for the ethnic ones. Kurta is the thing in which we all get the best comfort out of it. Also, kurta gives the great look with minimum skin visibility. Whatever be your body type and shape, kurta gives you symmetrical appearance throughout the body.


You can pair it up with a jean for Indo -western look if you want slight western touch in your outfit. For a complete Indian look, wear those leggings below the kurta. Dupatta is optional and depends on you whether you are comfortable to carry it along.


A pastel color kurta also gives an eye-soothing reflective personality of yours. With this pastel color kurta, you can carry white or cream-colored net dupatta and can wrap it around your neck in different styles, or keep aside on your shoulders. Personally, kurta gives you the best comfort throughout the day and is the best option for office wear.





Without earrings, your face looks incomplete, so does your complete outfit. Hoop earrings are the ones, which go with both the western and ethnic look. It looks simple, elegant yet stylish.


You can put it up in the casual wear like, with simple denim and a t-shirt if you are visiting casual places. Also, if you are going to attend any big events like marriages or any conferences, and if you don’t have any idea for which one to choose in different types of earrings, go for hoop ones!





Loafers never go out of style. It goes perfectly whether you are wearing a casual outfit or ethnic also. Brown leather loafers are the best ones as it goes with every style and with every attire. Loafer makes the casual look more elegant instantly.

If you want to make your ethnic wear get transformed to Indo western style, pair the jeans with the right kurta and a pair of loafers. Loafer without heel gives you comfort on your feet with a confident walk, which will make your personality quite impressive.

If you are choosing to wear it with casual denim, it will make it the most elegant choice of yours. For those who hate the heels, but still want a perfect look for your casual outfit, go for the loafers.



Have you ever noticed, why celebrities’ face glows and looks perfect? It is the lipstick shade and color that completes it. It’s not possible for normal people like us to have every shade of lipstick, but I have experienced it personally, that red shade lipstick is that color which goes on every complexion.

It is a myth that wearing lipstick regularly can fade away your natural lip color. Even if you don’t do any makeup on your face, simply just by applying red shade lipstick, can make your face glow. Do try it once! You will definitely get the best result. The best product with the ideal shade you can get at Amazon or Flipkart or at shops near you.



A GIRL’S BAG HAS AN ENDLESS BASE! Well, that’s true.


We know that girls that we have to carry so many things, that can’t come in a small bag. If you are planning to go to nearby places like any shop etc. then a small one is fine. But in maximum places, we need our universe. Tote bag is suitable for us in the sense that we can carry our important things like say lipstick. Well, it is very important for us.


It really gives you a stylish look along with purpose filling. You can keep within it so many things you want to carry like medicines, tissues, sanitizers, etc. Girls, whatever be the outfit you wear, you always feel incomplete without a bag, so why not choose the stylish and purpose filling bags for it. So many different varieties of tote bags you can get easily at online shopping sites.


Appearance does matter. It gives you the confidence to stand out in society, makes your best impression over all the people you meet at your working places or colleges. I suggested the best things you can keep in your wardrobe whenever you feel helpless for an outfit selection. Extract the best ideas from this blog and become a style statement.














Ayushi Goswami
Dr. Ayushi Goswami is a dental professional with a passion for writing creative blogs. She always had an interest in writing, but due to a hectic dental study schedule, she delayed her passion & after completing her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S), she started writing blogs. Her motto is to reach out to people & help them out by sharing her life experiences.

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