How To Soothe Sunburn Naturally At Home


Sunburn is a thing which we all have experienced once in a lifetime, at least. Sunburn refers to a condition of redness & maybe sometimes, in severe cases, swollen & painful skin triggered by overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The extent of the condition varies & depends on the amount of exposure to the sun and the skin type.

According to experts, studies show that on a minute-by-minute basis also, this sunburn is harmful at its maximum level when the sun is right above you at solar noon. So maximum people prefer to go for applying sunscreen, right? But what in a case when you forget to apply the sunscreen? What if you went out for some work & suddenly the sun comes out of the clouds? It would be best if you soothe out that skin burn to be in your natural skin complexion. Have a look-

1. Ice Pack


A cold compress provided in the form of an ice pack is the most commonly used way to relieve out the symptoms. It helps to decrease by numbing the affected area, decreasing skin sensitivity, and reducing the skin’s inflammation.

How to Use:
Take an ice pack & apply this ice pack to the affected area by slightly compressing with the ice. Don’t put the ice on the skin for too long & remove this ice pack for a while. Re-apply accordingly. You can go for it multiple times a day according to your requirement.

2. Green Tea


Green tea, being the richest source of antioxidants & many beneficial polyphenols, contributes a lot to this. It helps in the prevention & treatment of the sunburns naturally.

How To Use:
Take 1-2 green tea bags & a cup of hot water. Dip a green tea bag withing that cup. Steep it for 5-10 mins & then strain it. Apply this used tea bag in the affected area & leave it for 25-30 mins. Rinse the area well with normal water.

3.Essential Oils

a) Lavender Oil


Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory & analgesic properties that help out in relieving the symptoms of inflammation, pain & redness associated with the sunburn.

Take a tablespoon of carrier oil like coconut oil & add 2-3 drops of lavender oil to it. Mix them well & apply this mixture of oils over the affected area. Leave it until the skin completely absorbs it. There is no need to rinse it. You can perform it twice a day. Remember, prefer a patch test before applying any oil as you may have sensitive skin.

b) Chamomile Oil


This oil also has anti-inflammatory properties. It can help to reduce the severe level of inflammation & pain associated with sunburn.

How To Use:
You have to do the same as you read in lavender oil. Take a tablespoon any carrier oil & add 2-3 drops of chamomile oil to it. Mix them up well & apply this mixture on the affected sunburn area. Leave it until it absorbed & dried off completely. You can do it twice a day. Do a patch test in this case, also if you have sensitive skin.

4. Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is the easiest available & is in every household, in case if it is very urgent, you can go for applying coconut oil. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of it speed up the healing process of burns or wounds & also soothe sunburns.

How To Use:
Pour a small amount of virgin coconut oil in your palms & apply it directly to the area of sunburn. Leave it until the oil is absorbed over the skin thoroughly. Don’t rinse it as it acts only by absorption for long. You can perform this multiple times in a day.

5. Aloe Vera


Believe me; Aloe vera does many wonders to our skin, of which one is this also. It helps in treating conditions like inflammation, pain, sunburns because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

How To Use:
Separate some fresh aloe vera gel from its leaf & whisk it by fork or spoon for some time. Apply the gel properly to the affected area & leave it off for 20-25 mins. Then rinse it thoroughly with plain water. You may perform this twice in a day.

6. Milk


Milk contains many nutritional elements in it that exhibit the healing effects on the wounds. These effects may also be used in treating the sunburns also.

How To Use:

Take a cup of low fat cow’s milk & dip a cotton ball within it. Wet this cotton in this milk & apply it to the affected area. Leave the applied milk for 25-30 minutes & then rinse the area properly with normal water. You can do this multiple times in a day as per your requirement.

Apart from applying sunscreens, you can take the benefits of these home remedies for skin betterment. Don’t let the sun take out the best from your skin! Be protected, be wise & try out these natural things for the best result.

Ayushi Goswami
Dr. Ayushi Goswami is a dental professional with a passion for writing creative blogs. She always had an interest in writing, but due to a hectic dental study schedule, she delayed her passion & after completing her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S), she started writing blogs. Her motto is to reach out to people & help them out by sharing her life experiences.

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