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In a world surrounded by health-conscious people, dieting is the word that is so much confusion! We are told every time that the key to fitness is diet & exercise. Still, we make so many failed attempts just to achieve our ideal body. According to dieticians, the best diet is the one that fulfills your preferences, metabolism, needs & lifestyle.

Any diet that involves a restriction of an entire food group is not worth it. Instead, dieticians recommend focusing on whole foods when you feel starving. So we decided to present you with those diets which are popular enough in terms of their effectiveness.

1. Vegan


Have you heard of this diet? Indeed you might be! This diet has gained popularity in the past few years among people. As the name says everything, it involves completely restricting out animal products, including dairy products. If this diet is not taken correctly, there may be a lack of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, iron, zinc, etc.

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So for a healthy vegan diet, you consume veggies, carbs & healthy fats. Additionally, make sure to include multivitamins in your diet as a supplement to prevent any lacking of nutrients. Tofu & nut butter must be incorporated thing & just make sure to study the quantity & timing of all the essential nutrients.

2. 5:2 Diet


This diet is in very much trend in Australia, United states & Sweden, which includes five days of normal eating & two days of calorie fasting. This diet doesn’t involve any food restriction. But this diet instructs you to consume your regular diet for five days that includes up to 2000-2500 calories. While for the rest of two days, you need to fast & limit to 500 calorie intake.

This diet is relatively more comfortable & it also provides you with certain benefits like managing blood pressure, metabolic rate & cholesterol levels. If fasting is done right, it helps the body to rejuvenate & repair. If you are continuously eating, your body won’t be able to rejuvenate.

3. Flexitarian Diet


A Flexitarian diet involves a diet that consists of 80% food that is plant-based & the remaining 20% is animal-based. You can take the health benefits of it, like reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, or cancer, along with enjoying your favorite foods. It is gaining popularity because of the flexible nature of its diet.

4. Whole 30


This diet includes whole, unprocessed foods for full 30 days window. It instructs to eliminate food groups like alcohol, legumes, grains & added sugar while focusing on eating real food without processed ingredients.

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It would be a great choice to prefer this diet as it doesn’t affect you negatively. Well, sometimes, you just have to keep your taste buds aside!

5. Intermittent Fasting


It includes the idea of not eating foods for a more extended period without depriving yourself. This helps out to limit your calorie intake & you won’t feel restricted. Intermittent fasting aids in weight loss that ultimately improves the energy level & reduces stress.

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Most people chose to fast for 12 hours while eating for 8 hours of the window period. The reason behind it is when your body is digesting food; you are not burning fat. To reach the window period of fat burning, one needs to give the body time to digest out before incorporating the next meal completely.

6. Alkaline Diet


Alkaline diet includes incorporating an alkaline food to maintain the body’s pH level between 7.35 to 7.45, thus avoiding those foods that become acidic once broken down. Alkaline diet claims that it can boost up the memory & energy levels and prevent bloating & migraines.

This diet instructs you to elevate the consumption of fruit & vegetable while restricting sugar & fat intake. Ensure restricted over plant-based food products as it will show a positive transition in your body.

7. Paleo Diet


Paleo diet promotes eating food, which paleolithic humans might have eaten. You can eat fresh fruits, seafood, veggies, eggs, seeds, nuts, healthy oils of olive, avocado & walnut within this diet. This diet allows you to take higher proteins with fewer processed foods as it will make you full for a longer time.

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This diet may lack certain kinds of nutrients, like vitamin D & calcium. But the paleo diet is popular since it allows for eating paleo-approved recipes & snacks.

These were some of the best diets which you can prefer to really see the much-needed transition in your body. Choose any one of the above with which you are comfortable with & get the ideal fitness you always wanted to achieve!




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