Korean Skin Products: Are they effective?

Ever wondered why Korean’s skin seems so flawless? Their skin appears so uniform & soft even without touching it. Well, Koreans have helped us by sharing their beauty tips & skin regimes with the world. The reason behind their such beautiful skin is that they believe not to solve or clear the superficial skin problems, but to get to the roots of it. They believe in the thorough cleansing of your skin which not only increases the longevity of the skin but also makes it look radiant.

They believe in the 10- step regime every single day. Sounds time-consuming? The answer is NO! It seems like a time consuming but is not. Once you notice the result of it, your point of view will get changed. These Korean skin products you can get easily from online shops.

These skin products are not only affordable but also easily available & are comfortable to use. Researchers claim that these Korean skin products have been manufactured in such a way, that it suits every skin type.

Now the question is – is it effective? Let me clear you about the steps (how it works), once you know about the basic principles of it, you will get to know why these are effective. Have a look-

Let us go step by step according to the 10-step regimen

STEP 1- Use of An Oil-Based Cleanser

There are so many face cleansers available in the market, but the oil-based cleanser has been proved to be the best effective cleanser. The main reason is it breaks down all the oil products present on our face, be it like the moisturizer, any other cosmetic products or sunscreens, etc.

Normal cleansers do work, by removing the water-based products. But, for proper & deep cleansing of the face, it is necessary to remove the oil-based products stuck on your skin. As compared to water baser cleansers, these oil-based cleansers are less irritant to your skin.

STEP 2- Re-cleanse with a water-based cleanser

Once the oil-based impurities have been removed from your skin of the face, by re-cleansing with the water-based cleanser, the impurities like the dirt or sweat get rinsed off. Successive cleansing of your face with these cleansers back to back helps in the basic step of maintaining the skin i.e., the deep cleansing.

With the above 2 steps, we get to know about the main thing of this skin regime is- thorough cleansing of your face. By deep cleansing, the pores get clears off which prevents its blockage & eruption of any pimple or other skin problems.

STEP 3- Exfoliate

Exfoliation means the removal of the dead tissues of your face. After all the dirt (oil-based or sweat) have been removed off, removal of the dead tissues is the second step. Choose the exfoliator product according to your skin type.

The reason behind this step is by gently scrubbing on your face, the superficial layer of your dead tissue comes out. As soon as the dead layer gets peeled off, the new inner fresh skin layer appears. Since the new fresh layers have fresh cells, your skin after exfoliating appears soft, delicate & smooth.

STEP 4 – Use Toner

It is necessary to maintain the skin pH levels. The toner helps out to maintain the normal pH levels & remove any remaining left out dirt. However, alcohol-based toners have been seen to reduce the oil levels which ultimately reduce the moisture of your skin. That results in the feeling of dryness & tighten the skin which also results in itching & dry appearance. Go for non- alcohol-based toners. Also, choose only those toners which fit well with your skin without any allergy.

In the market nowadays, toners with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties with other beneficial ingredients have been introduced.

So, this is the reason behind using the toner – to maintain the pH level of the skin.

STEP 5- The Best Part – Essence

The essence is the most important part of a 10 step regimen of Korean beauty in the fact that it has a dual function – soothes the new skin & heal at the same time. It is used after exfoliating because since the dead tissues have been removed off, it is necessary to protect the newly emerged layer on the face. So, applying essence helps in soothing the new tissues of the face thus making it smoother & softer in texture.

It also heals the skin in the sense that it elevates the newer cell production turnover. The more the new cells are formed, the softer skin becomes. Its application is also easy – take the essence on fingers & gently pat on your face.
In this way, the essence is, no doubt, the best part of the Korean skin regime.

STEP 6- Apply Serum

A serum is a slightly concentrated version of an essence. After you have done with all the above 5 steps, your skin has been now cleared. It has been thoroughly cleansed with all the cleansers required. The skin is now ready to drink all the essential ingredients which are necessary for specific skin issues like scar, wrinkles, or pigmentation.

Well, we now know that with more concentrated levels, this step is quite effective after its application.

STEP 7- Put up a sheet mask

We have seen n number of people around us applying the face mask, but does it work? I’m not sure about that, the Korean regime mask has been proved very much effective till now. This beauty product has made a boom in the beauty industry. This product contains serum & all the necessary vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants required for skin issues.

It maintains the moisture & the pH level of the skin intact. It is soaked in serum which is extremely beneficial for the skin to be smooth & supple.
You should try this!

STEP 8 – Use an Eye Cream

Have you ever noticed the fact that the skin around your eyes is so much thin that you can easily see your blood vessels within it? Naturally, it requires that much of care also. Conditions like eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, etc. first emerge in this area only. The K- beauty industry has noticed the same thing & has involved this step – application of eye cream.
These eye creams have ingredients that soothe the skin & keeps the hydration intact.

STEP 9 – Moisturize

Beauty experts have claimed that moisturizing your skin is the best way to keep it hydrated.

Koreans believe that this step plays the main role in keeping the above steps effective. After performing the above steps, this moisturizing step, they believe, is kind of a key to lock-in the previously applied products. It acts as a barrier & prevents the exposure of the previous products & keep the vitals within the skin.

If you have oily skin, use light moisturizer & if you have dry skin, you can use heavy moisturizer.

STEP 10 – Don’t miss to apply SPF

Since now you are done with all of the above steps, it is very necessary to protect the newly formed layer of your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Even exposure of your skin to these harmful UV rays of the sun for seconds also can cause so much damage.

Applying SPF before going out helps you to protect your skin & keeps the moisture & texture intact. Always go for broad-spectrum sunscreens lotions which protects you from both UV-A & UV-B radiations.
Always keep in mind, go for those products which suit your skin without an allergy.

So, these are the 10-step skin regime of the K-beauty & the logic behind every step. If you are not sure about these products, go through its guys, it is pretty much effective in every skin type. In recent years, these products are in a boom in the beauty industry & are the talk of the town around the world.

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Dr. Ayushi Goswami is a dental professional with a passion for writing creative blogs. She always had an interest in writing, but due to a hectic dental study schedule, she delayed her passion & after completing her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S), she started writing blogs. Her motto is to reach out to people & help them out by sharing her life experiences.

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