How To Have an Amazing House Party

During this COVID-19 pandemic era, it is very much tricky & you can say risky for us to gather outside in any restaurant or hotel. So now, what’s the next option? It is now nearly so much of time have passed that we haven’t enjoyed any social gatherings like before. A most challenging time to survive like this, right? So the option to entertain ourselves is the house party. Unlike a club, you have complete control over the music you are choosing, the dishes you are serving & the games you want to play! 

The house party is not about having dozens of friends; you can also throw a fantastic party with your few selected friends(Thank god! Such friends exist for these times!) But making a party enjoyable comes with great responsibility. If you don’t plan it correctly, your invitation might get ignored or rejected(by thinking, tedious!). So to make it a happening one, here are the things you can do to entertain yourself & your friends during these weird times-

1. Tell the time according to the type of friends

Some friends hit up the party at the exact time or sometimes before the party even starts. While some make late entries & stay up there until the first sunshine hits your home. Well, that causes mismanagement due to which some people cannot meet up with other friends. After all, the party is all about being together & have fun!

So, invite your time-conscious friend at the correct time when the party is going to start(Suppose 8 pm) & for the latecomers, tell the time early(like 6 pm). It will help you gather all your friends at the same time to start the party.

2. Finalize your Guest List

You can’t party alone, so that requires calling out friends from every part of your life. Be it your ex-roommate, your college or school colleague, or your office mate. Let them introduce to each other & start the magic to happen at your party. Your friends are coming to meet you up, but also they are willing to see & meet new fun people out there. Make sure to invite your friends or friends of friends & remember, no random people in the house!

3. Choose a Perfect Theme

To make your party an epic, go for picking up a perfect theme. Going to buy costumes elevates the excitement level in the people. The variety of outfits they come up within the party starts a hilarious & fun conversation, which helps bring people closer together. There is no need to create difficult themes that can cost your friends more to buy costumes. 

You can opt for simple themes like a simple hat party, Deadly sins party, etc. the possibilities for these simple themes are endless but make sure to inform all your friends. So that when they come, you don’t make fun of them for looking out of the league!

4. Don’t drink

It may sound super comfy that you can have that wine & be unconscious since it’s your party. Well, if you want to experience the awesomeness of the party, try to be sober & stay away from that drop of alcohol. It may be embarrassing for you that the host gets drunk, your party gets mismanaged. It is the time to shine, interact with everyone out there, select the song & begin dancing besides puking in the toilet.

5. Party Playlist

The song adds up to the vibes at the party. No one likes the ominous music that can irritate the people there & makes there mood off. Try to choose a long playlist just a night before & stick to it right from the first guest arrival. In fact, if you want to be somewhat creative, you can pick up some chatting songs in the initial hours, then some hard-hitting dancing songs & for the last few hours, some relaxing & soothing songs. Well, that will grab the attention of your guest & make them go crazy after enjoying the fantastic atmosphere you created by that playlist.

6. Introduce

You have full of people in your house for a party & they all are not even talking to each other? Shame on you! It’s your work to make them talking; after all, you are the mutual friend. Begin with the games that involve all people, whatever it takes you to initiate interaction between them, try to play that game. The friendly atmosphere the host will create will make people more comfortable to enjoy at that party.

7. Enjoy Yourself

After so much of hard work, you threw such a fantastic party; enjoy yourself. Get involved with your friends & have fun after all. Participate in every game you are organizing, interact with everyone. Lock the doors of the rooms so that your guest accidentally doesn’t enter the toilet or any other place they never wanted to go.

 Make sure one thing, the very next day, pat on your back for throwing such a f’king best party of all time. Don’t expect the thanksgiving from your friends; it’s a new trend!

Ayushi Goswami
Dr. Ayushi Goswami is a dental professional with a passion for writing creative blogs. She always had an interest in writing, but due to a hectic dental study schedule, she delayed her passion & after completing her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S), she started writing blogs. Her motto is to reach out to people & help them out by sharing her life experiences.

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