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Yes, we know about dark circles as the darkened skin around the eye area. Dark circles, at times, can be annoying, too, right? Well, we all hate the time when it comes to any occasion & we have these dark circles get appeared on our face. These are the most common thing found in Indians in both men & women. It also makes the skin around the eyes seems baggy. Most commonly, these are associated with stress, lack of sleep, or fatigue. It can get quickly hide from the makeup products, but what about naturally? When they start to appear, they may become the center of attraction for people as the darkened skin gets highlighted compared to other skin areas.

It may also be linked with other factors like aging, injury to eyes, strains, allergies, or fluid imbalance around the eyelids. But I think it will be the best condition if it get removed naturally, so here we go-

1. Aloe Vera Gel


Aloe vera contains aloesin. It is a compound that prevents tyrosinase production. This element, aloesin helps to avoid excessive pigmentation on your skin. It also contributes in keeping the skin hydrated & keeps the moisture intact.

How to use:

Take a teaspoon full of aloe vera gel & apply it around the eyes in the pigmented area. Apply it in a circular motion. Leave it overnight & then rinse the area in the morning. Keep following this routine until the dark spots start getting faded.

2. Sweet Almond Oil


This oil contains emollient as well as sclerosant properties. So, it helps in reducing the appearance of the blood vessels underneath areas of the eye by improving the skin tone of that particular area.

How to use:

Take a cotton ball & dab 2-3 drops of sweet almond oil. Apply it gently on the skin around the eyes & massage for some time. Leave it overnight & wash it off in the morning. You can do this every night until these dark circles get faded off.

3. Tomatoes


The tomato color is due to the presence of photo chemicals like lycopene & are rich in both lycopene & beta-carotene. These chemicals help to prevent redness of the skin & also the damage that may have produced to the skin tissues around the eyes.

How to use:

Squash the tomatoes & mix lemon juice to it until it forms a paste. Apply the paste on the skin around the eyes & leave it for 15-20 mins. Rinse it thoroughly after keeping it. You can do it twice in a week.

4. Cucumber


The reason behind using this is that it contains vitamins & many bioactive compounds that prevent tyrosinase activity. By inhibiting this activity, it helps out to decrease the pigmentation level around the eyes.

How to use:

Take a teaspoon of aloe vera gel & some cucumber in pieces. Blend them off till it forms a paste. Apply & leave the paste on the affected areas around the eyes & leave it for 10-15 mins. Then wash it off with cold water. You can go to this procedure once every day.

5. Honey


This product also contains polyphenols that prevent tyrosinase activity, which in turn reduces the excessive production of pigmentation cells & subsequently fades those dark circles.

How to use:

Take a tablespoon of honey & add a teaspoon of lemon juice to it. Mix it well & apply the paste on the skin. Let it be for 10-15 mins & rinse appropriately with water. You can use once every day till the dark circles fade off.

6. Saffron 


Saffron is rich in bio-active compounds like riboflavin, carotenoids which help to prevent the anti-tyrosinase activity. These compounds reduce the dark circles by decreasing this excessive pigmentation.

How to use:

Take a few strands of saffron & a quarter cup of milk. Dip it in the milk & let saffron soak them for about 2 hours. Apply that milk in the skin around the eyes & let it be for 5-10 mins. Rinse it thoroughly.

Having dark circles is not a matter of concern, as it is usually temporary. With proper diet, sleep & less strain, you can add up to the effects of the products mentioned above in lightening those dark circles faster. Do try any one of the above things & have glowing skin!

Ayushi Goswamihttp://blogparadise.net/
Dr. Ayushi Goswami is a dental professional with a passion for writing creative blogs. She always had an interest in writing, but due to a hectic dental study schedule, she delayed her passion & after completing her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S), she started writing blogs. Her motto is to reach out to people & help them out by sharing her life experiences.

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