Cheat Diet May Actually Help You Lose Your Weight


Everyone has their trick of dieting within which they are comfortable. Some say eat that twice a week or take that daily or drink that thrice a day. People’s point of view may vary about dieting.

But, there is rigid thinking of most people that cheating on your diet may again lead to weight gain. According to researchers, preferring on & off diets every two weeks can help you shed much weight.

The reason behind it is maybe your body’s “famine reaction .” Some strict diets, such as intermittent fasting or keto diets, gain immense popularity since most people think a strict diet means more weight loss. The reality- move more & eat less.

Are You Cheating On Your Diet To Lose?


According to a research at the University of Tasmania, they found that people who dieted for two weeks & then didn’t limit their calories for the next two weeks lost drastic weight & fats than other groups of people who dieted consistently.

In another study, two groups were made & 51 obese men were moved to one of the two groups. The first group restricted their calorie intake by one third for 16 weeks.

The second group limited their calories intake for 2-3 weeks, but after that, they took a break. They continued to take more calories for their body’s maintenance level. They consistently repeated their cheat breaks throughout the study period for 16 weeks.

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The men who took a break from their diet shredded about 50% more weight than the other group. After six months, researchers did a follow-up & found that both groups regained their body weight. But those men who did cheat breaks still were 18 pounds lighter in weight than the men of other groups.

How Is Cheat Break So Great?


So, what is the logic behind losing weight? Dieting allows you to take fewer calories than you burn it in a day. Your body requires energy to function normally with these limited calories, which it uses from the stored fats. This, in turn, leads to weight loss.

When you limit the calorie intake, it actually improves your appetite. Additionally, since you are at rest, you burn fewer calories & need less food. This kind of famine reaction results in a weight loss plateau.

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When you have a cheat break, it provides your body’s metabolism a boost by convincing out your body that the “famine” is over. Due to this, your metabolism improves & you finally are able to make more weight loss.

How To Begin On Cheat Breaks


According to a dietician Scrugg, ” Intermittent fasting includes fasting for 12-18 hours & then eating without any kind of restriction for the next 6-12 hours over the day. ” Scrugg says,” On the other hand, intermittent energy restriction includes a limited calorie diet for several weeks & then switching on to two weeks where you prefer eating pattern to compensate your energy expenditure.”

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If you think of opting for this diet, you can begin calculating your calorie requirement for weight loss & weight maintenance. Plan out for your specific calorie goals & for that; you can take help from your registered dietician or through online tools available.


Once you got your calorie goals, pick up a week to begin with this diet & follow the weight loss calorie requirements for two weeks. Once this period is over, start with two weeks of weight maintenance calorie level. Repeat this for several months & then observe that how much you can lose your weight & fats.

Scrugg says,” Even if you are capable of maintaining your weight for a week or the week you lose some, but still you are making progress in achieving your overall goal.”

So don’t wait for the time to come. If you are willing to try this or try some effective dieting, you must go for it!

Ayushi Goswami
Dr. Ayushi Goswami is a dental professional with a passion for writing creative blogs. She always had an interest in writing, but due to a hectic dental study schedule, she delayed her passion & after completing her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S), she started writing blogs. Her motto is to reach out to people & help them out by sharing her life experiences.

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